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UE4/C++ developer (Middle )

The STEREOFORMA team is looking for a passionate and talented Unreal Engine developer with a good knowledge of C++ and blueprints, as well as a desire to engage in gaming and multimedia projects of various profiles (VR / AR).

As a developer, you will be responsible for creating beautiful code to implement the functionality and mechanics provided by the design of the project.

  • Implementation, testing, debugging, and support of gameplay code and business logic

  • Design and implementation of the game interface (UMG) in the Unreal Engine

  • Understanding the needs, requirements, and ways of optimizing the game code

  • Reviewing, optimizing, and profiling Blueprints

  • Writing tools and utilities at the request of the art and game design departments

  • Strong experience with Unreal Engine

  • Confident work with VCS and a good level of generic computer science

  • Knowledge of C ++ in the context of Unreal Engine 4 (middle)

  • Knowledge of English at the level of fluent reading of technical documentation


Request submitted. Thank you!

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