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Mocap Specialist

- working with actors and mocap equipment

(preparation, calibration, recording, sessions support and monitoring)
- connecting characters for real-time animations streaming to UE5
- initial adjustment of animations
- uploading animations for transfer to adjustment/cleaning
- applying animations to characters
- video render of animated characters

- experience with mocap equipment (or understanding of the operating principles of equipment and software)
- understanding of the principles of character animation
- knowledge of English
- knowledge + experience: UE5 (animation, IK retargeting)
- knowledge + experience: Maya, Motion Builder

It will be a plus:
- skills in rigging and skinning of characters
- experience in creating character keyframe animations
- practical skills in working with Metahuman (animation, transfer of custom models characters on the skeleton MN)
- lighting settings and video rendering in UE5

Candidate for interview will be asked to carry out the full cycle
necessary actions to complete the list of tasks specified in the vacancy.


Stack of equipment used:
- Xsens Awinda
- Manus Quantum Metagloves
- iPhone

Salary: We will consider your wishes and offer good conditions.


Request submitted. Thank you!

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